Getting your air conditioner ready for summer

Whenever possible we want to get experts in their fields to contribute their expert knowledge.  In this case, we were lucky enough to speak with some heating and air conditioning specialists in Salt Lake City.  Below are some things they have to say to help homes and businesses prepare for summer.

Here at Plumbing Utah Heating and Air we have already been getting panicked calls from people because their air conditioner has shut down on them.  Of course, as a business, we need customers calling our lines, but we don’t want people suffering from heat strokes during busy months.  We wanted to let people know of some ways they can help maintain their cooling units when they need them the most.

  1. Check your air filters: If you have ever received advice from an HVAC company before, chances are this is the first thing they say to you.  The reason is that it is such an easy thing to do, yet has huge implications on how your ac runs.
  2. Make sure that your thermostat is working: It may sound silly, but a lot of our calls end up being something as simple as the thermostat batteries had died.  Make sure that your thermostat is correctly programmed.  Avoid situations where your air conditioner is constantly running by making sure the dials are set “cool” and “auto.”
  3. Keep your home or business at a reasonable temperature: A lot of people don’t know what temperature they should keep their central air unit set to when it is hot outside.  As a general rule of thumb, we tell people that they should aim for a temperature that keeps everyone comfortable while keeping the overall temperature as high as possible.  If you keep your settings at 65 degrees your ac is going to have to work super hard to maintain that temperature when it is 100 degrees outside.  If you can manage to keep it around 74 degrees you are going to see huge amounts of savings, and your ac won’t have to work so hard.
  4. Have a professional inspection: Although it may sound a little self-serving to tell you to have a heating and cooling contractor come to your home or business, it is an important step in overall maintenance.  Many people don’t know that it is necessary for your air conditioner warranty to have a safety and efficiency tune-up performed on a yearly basis.
  5. Check your unit and inspect it early: If you are going to have problems or if your unit is getting up there in age (around 10-15 years) you want to keep a vigilant eye on it.  By inspecting, cleaning and turning on your unit in the early spring you can check for problems before the busy season starts.  It is a lot easier to call a local cooling company in April than July.  Your wait time will be lessened and you should probably expect service the same day you make the phone call.

And there you have it.  This is not a super technical list, and all of these tasks can be performed even by the most novice home or business owner.  We hope this article helps, comment down below with any specific questions or concerns.