Why you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney.

In general, when someone needs an attorney it is usually a sign that something has gone wrong in their life.  In the case of personal injury attorneys, it means that either you a loved one has been physically injured in some way.  The most common types of cases include car crashes, slip and falls, dog bites, product malfunctions or from the direct negligence of another.  When these situations arise, it is important to work with a professional so that you can recuperate and get your life back to normal as much as possible.  Our staff was lucky enough to speak with the professionals at Utah Personal Injury Lawyers to address the main reasons you should consider hiring an injury attorney.

Reasons to work with an injury law firm

  1. You can get an assessment of your case at not cost to you. When you contact a local law office you can request a consultation, sometimes called a case review.  During this meeting you will be able to speak with a legal professional, go over the details of the accident and show any photographs or evidence to the attorney.  During this meeting they will be able to let you know the grounds you have for a legal claim and help you make the best decision for you and your family.
  2. The firm will act as your advocate when dealing with insurance companies. According to a study by the Insurance Research Counsel (IRC) the average settlement when working with an attorney is 3.5 times higher than when someone elects to handle their case on their own.  This isn’t about using your accident as a scheme to get rich, it is about getting fair compensation for damages, medical bills, time away from work, loss of quality of life and pain and suffering.
  3. You do not pay unless you receive a settlement. Most injury law firms will be willing to work with you on a contingency fee basis.  This means that your attorney only gets paid once you case has been successfully settled either in or out of court.  A large portion of cases never go to trail and your advocate will be able to cut through red tape and get things handled far quicker that you would be able to in your free time.
“It never ceases to amaze our staff when it comes to speaking with the public regarding how they view hiring an attorney.  Many people in the community do not realize the benefits of having legal representation.  We hope this this article and other information we have online addressing personal injury information helps people begin to realize just how much an attorney can help your case.” Chris Ault, Owner Utah Personal Injury Lawyers.